Verona police officer arrested, had sex with boy

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Anthony Ogline

Verona, Pennsylvania — A Verona police officer was arrested after he befriended a teen and exchanged pornographic images with the teen.

Officer Anthony Ogline, for now, has been charged with Possession of Child Pornography, Unlawful Contact with a Minor, Corruption of a Minor, and could face more charges at a later time.

The teen told police that he and Ogline met online through the dating app, Grindr approximately three months ago. He said they exchanged graphic photos of one another during that time.

Ogline says he shared images with the teen but insists that he thought the boy was 18.

“I would never seek any sort of relationship or spend time with anyone under 18,” Ogline told investigators.

The teen stated, “I told Ogline I was 17 and he told me it was okay because consent is 16.”

The investigation began after the 16-year-old left school early and was seen getting into a black, 4-door sedan on January 16.

Whitehall police were notified and were able to track the boy to an address in Verona registered to Ogline on January 17.

“As we attempted to make contact with Ogline he pulled up in a sedan with the boy inside the vehicle,” said Whitehall police.

During the investigation, police determined that Ogline had picked the boy up from school. Additionally, the police said that he provided the teen with marijuana and alcohol.

The teen told investigators that he had previously stayed with Ogline and that. the two of them drank by the fire, smoked marijuana, had sex and then fell asleep.

Ogline was suspended without pay.

The Verona Police department stated, “We are considering termination.”

Ogline’s next court appearance is slated for mid-February.

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