Op-Ed: Police are not heroes, stop worshiping them

I do not understand why people idolize police officers and worship the ground they walk on.

Police officers have very little education and 7-9 months in the academy is not sufficianet.

Statistically, most police officers were bullied as a child and already have psychological issues. The domestic violence rate from male officers toward their spouses is also 5 times higher than the national average. Moreover, 1 in 5 officers is addicted to some kind of narcotic, opiate, or depression medication…allowed to carry a gun…but are not drug tested yearly.

Fact, these drugs can make a person irrational and mentally unstable. Opiates can cause a person to feel rage and flip out at the drop of a hat.

America needs to wake up and cops need to stop pretending to be superheroes.

And unless they are standing at your door at night protect every house…it is YOUR responsibility to protect your family.

Joey Esposito

New Jersey



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